Humphrey Zeiss 740I HFA Visual Field Software 5.0


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Condition: refurbished

Humphrey Zeiss 740i HFA w/  SOFTWARE 5.0, TABLE, PRINTER.

Humphrey Zeiss 740i Visual Field Analyzer came with design and clinical experience and networked easily to other computers with select diagnostic tools

Humphrey Zeiss 740i is the premier automated visual field perimeter care in glaucoma diagnosis and management.

The Humphrey 740i in two minutes, can create threshold visual fields and make as the fastest perimeters on the market today.

Humphrey 740i with extremely operator friendly provide earlier detection of glaucomatous visual field loss like no other perimetry unit available.


  • Fixation control
  • Operator interface
  • Threshold Visual Fields in as Little as 2 Minutes
  • Diagnostic Precision
  • Improved Reliability
  • Early Glaucoma Detection
  • Gold Standard
  • Operator Friendly & Patient Friendly
  • Practice & Patient Friendly
  • Complete Archiving System
  • Advanced Analysis

Software features

  •     Glaucoma Hemifield test (GHT)
  •     Glaucoma Progression Analysis (GPA)
  •     STATPAC 2-single field analysis
  •     Serial field overview
  •     Networking (i model only) no active 


  • Power Table
  • Printer
  • 100% Zeiss Licensed Software 5.0
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

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